Matara, Southern Province, Sri Lanka

The Matara town limits seems to have changed a lot. Most noticeably there are lot of people everywhere. People seem to be very busy. It's not the small town I grew up in. They have side walks now! Yay! People don't need to share the road with vehicles any more. However, few seem to abide by the traffic rules and respect for the pedestrian is nonexistent.

The most prominent landmark of Matara City are the Dutch built clock tower and the fort. I believe it was built in 1769 as marked at the entrance to the fort. This complex withstood the 2004 Tsunami that damaged and destroyed most of the old and new structures.

Dutch Clock Tower
Next to the fort complex are the field where people play sports and the main transportation depot.

Most common means of transportation here for the public
Along the beach is where kids and adults alike fly kites, people come to exercise, weary traveler get a bite to eat before embarking on the next leg of the journey, or lovers catch a moment away from cultural barriers to spend some time together. 
Ice Cream vendors on 3-wheelers

 Brown's Hill
Kurulu Duwa (Bird Island)

Matara Beach

 Thambili (Drinking coconut)
Roadside Thambili (Drinking Coconut) vendor

Matara Bodhi

 Flower Vendors outside Matara Bodhi

 Chili Drying in the hot sun

Red ants, vicious!

Roadside knife vendor

River Nilwala


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